Hearing loss in middle age

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It is very possible that even though you are aware of your hearing loss, you may think that a hearing aid is not for you, as you probably think that in middle age you are still young enough to use it and you prefer to try to go on without hearing aids as long as possible.

It seems reasonable to think that at the age of 40 or 50 we should not still need hearing aids, however, it is much more common than we might expect.

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Hearing loss not properly addressed can be a long term problem

For this reason, it is of real concern that many people with hearing loss in middle age are not receiving adequate treatment, especially when an adult should be aware of the need for good hearing health.

Delaying a treatment of a hearing impairment is never a good idea, since the symptoms always worsen over time and, consequently, it is more difficult and complicated to mitigate the problems resulting from hearing loss.

When does hearing loss occur in middle age?

Although there are several factors that can cause hearing loss, hearing loss in the second age is determined by the deterioration of the tiny hair cells found in the ear.

You are at hair cells are in charge of transmitting sound from the inner ear to the brain, therefore, as soon as these cells begin to deteriorate, the hearing loss.

If age is the cause of sensorineural hearing loss, we are talking about age-related hearing loss or presbycusis.

What causes hearing loss in middle age?

When a person begins to lose hearing, the areas of the brain intended to receive auditory stimuli begin to be occupied by other functions such as visual ones.

Hearing impaired people often find themselves exhausted after being in the company of other people. This is a common situation due to the great effort they must make to follow the thread of conversations.

Due to this effect, we suffer a greater auditory effort, especially to understand the noise, so that the areas of the brain dedicated to cognitive aspects are used to try to understand the messages.

As a result, these cognitive areas of the brain become "distracted" to help understanding, cognitive impairment occurs as a consequence of the hearing loss or hypoacusis.

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Regaining the ability to hear totally changes people's lives

These symptoms are similar to cognitive impairmentThe hearing impairment is not a cognitive impairment as such, but rather a manifestation of hearing impairment.

Hearing loss in the second age will greatly modify the hearing impaired person's life in the family and in his/her behavior in society.

These symptoms will progressively lead to a deterioration in communication, causing social isolation and a greater tendency to depression in adults with deafness if not adequately treated.

The importance of good hearing

It is at this precise moment when we must count with a hearing care professional The patient should undergo the necessary hearing tests to assess the extent of the hearing impairment he or she is suffering from.

To do this, the hearing health professional will begin by performing a battery of tests:

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  • Examination of the external auditory canal to rule out possible anomalies that may be affecting the patient's hearing.
  • A tympanometry where we will evaluate the correct functioning of the tympanic membrane and ossicles chain.
  • Tone tests both via air and bone conduction, thus verifying the hearing loss of our patient.
  • Speech audiometry test in which we will check at what level of sound intensity our patient will begin to understand the word.

All these well executed tests will give us an accurate assessment of the patient's hearing status, and prior to the tests, our patient will have undergone an exhaustive clinical anamnesis, which is essential for conclusions and diagnosis after the hearing tests.

It is important to regularly check the status of your hearing and maintain good hearing health in later life.

No one needs to know that you wear hearing aids.

Nowadays, considerable care is taken in the design. Hearing aids are extremely discreet, lighter and adapt anatomically to the person's ear, making them completely unnoticeable.

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Modern hearing aids are virtually invisible to the naked eye

You can choose from a wide range of colors to match your skin and hair tone or your style, offering you a wide range of formats to cover any hearing loss, whether mild, medium, severe or profound.

Contact your trusted hearing center, where professional assistance will provide you with an appropriate diagnosis for your hearing needs.

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