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In the following article we will give you 5 useful tips on how to take care of your hearing. these small tips although they are basic and surely we all have them in mind in one way or another, but maybe some of them do not carry it out properly?

Hearing is the ability to capture sounds through the sense of hearing, which as we know, is a very sensitive organ. It also has the ability to keep our body in balance. On many occasions, habits are acquired that damage its functionality, thus affecting the quality of life. Follow these five tips to take care of your hearing health.

According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)By March 2019, 466 million people around the world were suffering from disabling hearing lossOf this figure, 34 million are children.

The organization also estimates that, by 2050, more than 900 million people, or one in 10, will be suffering from hearing loss.

To prevent hearing problems you should avoid unhealthy practices that affect the functioning of your hearing. Loud noises, some medications and infections are some of the causes of hearing diseases.

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How to take care of your hearing?

If you do not want to suffer from hearing loss while you are young, let alone in your old age, you should take the appropriate precautions, paying special attention to the following aspects.

1 Clean the ear properly

Every time you get out of the shower, the sea or swimming pools you must eliminate moisture from the ears as the accumulation of water could cause infections. In these cases, with the help of a towel or gauze, clean only the external part of the ear.

Do not use cotton swabsIt is too large and pushes excess earwax into the ear canal and may cause perforations or blockages. 

The frequency with which they are cleaned depends on the production of earwax. According to specialists, it should be cleaned when earwax covers the entrance of the ear canal. In this case use a gauze, cotton, a towel or soft cloth and clean the external part, this way you will eliminate the excess of earwax.

The secretion of earwax produced by the ear is necessary to maintain its health and care for your hearing. do not attempt to remove all the earwax as this may cause complications. remember that only hearing care professionals can perform a thorough ear cleaning.

2 Avoid loud noises

Protecting your ears from loud noises also means learning to talk on the phone. Avoid pressing the handset against the ear, as this can cut off circulation and cause numbness. In case of a long conversation, it is recommended to alternate the phone from one ear to the other, thus avoiding fatigue and hand fatigue. 

Also, protect yourself from loud sounds caused by banging, fireworks explosions, loud music, traffic, construction tools, or concert speakers.

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Beware of high volume on headphones

Always try to moderate the volume of television, radio and stereos or music players, which are good tips to take care of your hearing. Louder than 85dB can be detrimental to your hearing, so motorcycles, headphones and lawn mowers have a potential to lead to permanent hearing loss if proper precautions are not taken.

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises not to use the headphones for more than one hour and never at more than 60% of the maximum volume.

The excessive noise is a problem that can generate medium-term problems in our hearing. We tell you how it can affect in this other article.

3 Do not introduce foreign objects or substances into the ear. 

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, we can't overlook this tip, which happens much more often than you might expect. You should avoid introducing objects such as pencils, matches, or anything else with a sharp end that can perforate the eardrum. Also avoid foreign substances in the ears such as oils, saline solutions, hydrogen peroxide or drops that have not been prescribed by the otolaryngologist. 

4 Do not self-medicate 

There is no doubt that self-medication is a mistake, as we must always rely on the prescription of a physician when consuming any type of medication. this is even more important when we talk about hearing, as there are ototoxic drugs with a potential risk of damaging our hearing health.

Depending on the dose at which some analgesics such as aspirin, codeine, paracetamol, ibuprofen and naproxen are taken, they may cause hearing loss.

Similarly, chemotherapy and erectile diffusion pills can cause hearing problems.

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Pay special attention to ototoxic drugs.

When you have allergies, colds or infections, it is of course important to treat them, however, the specialist should always be the one who prescribes the medication. more suitable for your case for your problem or condition.

Do you want to know more about the ototoxic drugs?

5 Protect your ears properly

Protection is essential when working in noisy places, in the bathroom or hunting, and is especially necessary for musicians who are in constant contact with high noise levels.

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Tailor-made hearing protection is an option to consider

You should also protect them if you practice aquatic sports. For this reason, hearing protection is essential in the workplace as well as in sports.

We hope that with these five small tips you will become aware of the need to maintain good hearing health.

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