5 nutrition principles for a healthy life


A balanced diet is one of the fundamental premises for a healthy life. In this context, specialists promote a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy lifestyle habits and complementary food choices. With regard to nutrition, health can be maintained if the following basic criteria are met.

Healthy nutrition

A healthy diet helps protect us from malnutrition in all its forms, as well as from non-communicable diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

1 Variety of food

Diversified meals and moderate food consumption contribute to the absorption of a variety of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to ensure maximum efficiency in our nutrition.

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Food should always be varied and balanced.

A healthy lifestyle can not only prolong life, but also decrease the risk of disability in later years.

2 Natural food

As the prognosis for chronic diseases increases, the need to consume organic ingredients intensifies. Finding suppliers of natural products and using them in the preparation of every meal will help the body eliminate toxins and strengthen its immunity.

3 Reduce meat consumption

Replacing meat with vegetables can be a healthy strategy for fat reduction. When consumed, it is recommended to prepare meat in a healthy manner and avoid frying as much as possible.

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We should always measure calories and eat in moderation.

4 Eating in moderation

Health care is a daily commitment to the mind and body. Therefore, daily meals should be regular and should contain complementary foods, consumed in moderation.

5 Measuring calories

They play an extremely important role for the body, providing the daily energy potential.

Nutritionists estimate that about 2000 calories are necessary for a person, but the number varies according to individual characteristics: age, height, sex, etc.

Caloric intake should be balanced with caloric expenditure. To avoid unhealthy weight gain, fats should not exceed 30% of total caloric intake.

These 5 principles of nutrition have a direct effect on our quality of life and, as a result, ensure that we can enjoy the best possible state of health.

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