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It is possible that the first day with hearing aids may be a little complicated, since our brain has become accustomed to a lower sound level, day to day life may seem a little disconcerting. In addition, you will discover sounds that you have not heard for a long time. This situation is normal and only requires a short period of adaptation. Here are a few tips to help you get off to a good start with your new hearing aids.

Getting off to a good start
with your hearing aids

Just as when we move to a noisier area, at first we pay attention to all the new noises in our environment, but soon after we filter out all these sounds from everyday life.

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Hearing aids require a short period of adaptation.

It is a very similar situation that occurs when we start using our hearing aids, which is why a short period of adaptation to them is required.

During the period of adaptation to hearing aids it is advisable to take into account these small tips:

Tips for the first days with hearing aids

Here are a few tips that you should follow in order to adapt to your new life with hearing aids adequately.

  • Wear them most of the day. You won't get the most out of them if you don't use them frequently.
  • Use them in quiet situationsin face-to-face conversations and at home 
  • Listen to the radio or television. Start with the news, where the clearest speech tends to be heard. Then continue with other programs 
  • Use them in noisier situationssuch as near a bustling road or at the supermarket 
  • When using a mobile or cellular phone, tilt the end of the handset slightly over the cheekbone and place the phone slightly above the ear, close to the microphone of the hearing instrument. This will prevent the hearing instruments from whistling and provide the best conversation conditions.

What happens if I don't use hearing aids even though I need them?

Failure to solve their hearing problem can trigger a series of psychological dysfunctions as their ability to communicate is diminished. Restoring hearing ability means re-establishing familiar social relationships and breaking out of isolation.

If I can get by with one hearing aid, why use two?

If a person has hearing loss in both ears, it is necessary and advisable to wear two hearing aids. Perhaps the most important benefit of wearing two is that we are stimulating the muscles, nerves, ossicles, etc. of the ears. If we only wear a hearing aid, the non-adapted ear becomes "lazy". and its long-term performance will be precarious.

Two hearing aids help him localize soundsThe sound of speech, especially in environments with background noise, is more understandable. This is called "stereo" hearing, with a richer overall sound.

And when you don't wear your hearing aids, how will you hear the doorbell, the telephone, or the alarm clock?

There are different types of technical aids that can make your daily life easier. With them, you will not have to depend on others to perform certain tasks:

  • Wireless headset. Useful for tv or hi-fi music system without causing any disturbance to the rest of the family and with great sound quality.
  • Special landline telephone. It has different volumes, intermittent light when ringing, large keys, emergency telephones.
  • Special FM systems. Special transmitter and receiver for children or adults to improve understanding in classrooms with echo and noise, in lecture listening?
  • Vibration warning. Technical aids that keep you in touch, whether it's a knock on the door, a phone call or an alarm clock going off

How do we ensure the success of a hearing aid fitting?

At our hearing centers we care about a good fit because we know how important hearing is.

Thus, we perform a personalized follow-up of the fitting with performance tests and verification of the fitting: free-field tests and real-ear tests (Rem tests), which establish a very reliable criterion that every hearing care professional must perform.

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We care about a good fit because we know how important it is for you.

The new hearing aid user needs to gradually get used to the new sounds and the new way of hearing them. They are sounds that had not been heard for a long time and, little by little, the unconscious will assimilate them. Patients should look after their hearing health and always go to an authorized professional center.

The adaptation of hearing aids needs a specific time for each patient.

In short, we should try to maintain a normal routine with our hearing aids since they are there to make our life better, and gradually get used to their use.

It only requires a short adaptation period to enjoy our new hearing aids to the fullest, after which you will soon discover that your hearing will improve considerably.

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