I have a family member with hearing loss


"We had to bring him here by force because there was no way to convince him to come."This is possibly one of the most repeated phrases in our centers when someone comes to accompany a family member with hearing loss.

Family member with hearing loss

Although it should not be, it is very common to find that the person with hearing loss does not want to admit that he or she has a hearing problem, making excuses to go to the hearing center.

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We often find it difficult to admit that we have a hearing problem.

According to data from the World Health OrganizationMore than 5% of the world's population has a disabling hearing loss and it is predicted that by 2050, more than 900 million people worldwide will suffer from hearing loss. hearing loss.

Do you think a friend or family member may have hearing loss?

It is very common to see how the person with hearing loss is not really aware that something is wrong, therefore, we must approach the situation with delicacy being important to act as soon as possible, as soon as we suspect that something is happening.

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It is common for the person with hearing loss to often feel isolated.

It is important to act quickly since the more time the person spends with the problem, the more time he/she will need to adapt. A problem that may seem simple to solve could lead to a greater hearing loss.

How to identify Hearing Loss?

Below we will discuss some indications to detect if your family member has hearing loss.

Believe it or not, there are many people who suffer from it, resigned to live with the limitations of suffering from it. hearing loss. In order to identify it correctly, the following should be taken into account symptoms:

  • He does not actively participate in the world around him, so he suffers some social isolation.
  • Frequently suffer from fatigue, anxiety and stress
  • Has abandoned activities it used to do
  • Relationships with friends and family have deteriorated.
  • Loneliness

All these symptoms can be treated satisfactorily thanks to technological advances in modern audiology. In 98% of the cases the patient is able to recover his normal life and develop it fully, by means of the adaptation of hearing aids, cochlear implants, technical aids, etc?

How should we approach hearing loss?

It is a delicate moment when we have to take our family member to the hearing center because they often resist and find it difficult to admit that they need to use a hearing aid. hearing aids.

Some will be unwilling to admit that they need a hearing aid to hear better while others do not like the idea of wearing a hearing aid for aesthetic reasons.

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There are very effective solutions for every hearing problem.

The person in charge of talking to the family member with hearing loss should be always someone you trust.

We must provide clear examples of situations that are not within normality, such as turning up the TV volume excessively, not understanding what is being said, not following a conversation? All these preambles will help the patient to understand the situation.

Expose you to the benefits of solving the problemWhat it would be like to be able to participate more actively with family, friends and not feel isolated.

Always we must go to a specialized center where an audiologist or hearing care professional will perform a hearing screening, check their condition and inform you about the most appropriate hearing aids for your family member with hearing loss. Get in touch with professional hands who can advise you and guide you out of the isolation that the hearing loss occurs.

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2 thoughts on “Tengo un familiar con pérdida auditiva

  1. jose miguel lara says:

    Recently and already well past sixty, after leaving the sea, I noticed a ringing in my right ear. At that time I did not give it much importance, but after a few days and a month the ringing became more acute.
    At that precise moment I began a pilgrimage through ENT specialists prescribing various treatments such as cortisone, pseudeefredina, and the famous ginko biloba.... after trying all of them I finally found a professional who did an audiometry and detected my hearing loss.
    Today I can say that with my hearing aids I have regained my peace of mind and stability because I could not even rest.... kind regards

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