How to prevent hearing loss with hearing aids

CAB prevent hearing loss with hearing aids

Many times, as with vision, if you stop hearing for a while and do not go to a specialist, it can lead to a more serious problem and a greater hearing loss in the future. Therefore, it is important to know how hearing aids can help us prevent hearing loss. If there is no more [...]

What you should know about the vegan diet


Going on a strict vegetarian diet should always be a personal choice, but if you really want to adopt the vegan lifestyle, saying "no" to meat, eggs and dairy, you should know some of the problems that going vegan can bring to your health. For this reason, below we share some of the [...]

The importance of good hearing


Hearing well and clearly is one of the greatest benefits we can have for our health, and maintaining good hearing health is a prerequisite for living life to the fullest. Hearing is one of the five most important senses we have, since it allows us to be active, to relate to society, and to be able to [...]

Are you using your headphones properly?


Misuse of headphones or earphones can cause serious problems for your hearing if we do not take into account the level and time of exposure to noise. The use of headphones is becoming more and more common and therefore, we must be aware of the problems that improper use entails for our hearing.

Hearing and communication

CAB oido communication

Hearing is a fundamental part of our communication since without correct hearing the interpretation of the sounds of our environment becomes impossible and along with it the communication with our fellow men. Communication, as a process through which ideas, emotions and thoughts are exchanged, requires an ear that allows [...]

How to clean hearing aids properly


Both hearing aids and earmolds need regular cleaning to keep them in perfect working condition. In this article we will show you how to clean hearing aids properly and your earmolds. Do you know how to clean hearing aids properly? A simple hearing aid cleaning kit will help you to keep your hearing aid and all the components in perfect [...]

Do you have work stress?

CAB stress2

Stress in the workplace is an extremely widespread situation and a cause of the many illnesses that doctors often encounter when one of us comes for a consultation. One of the most common problems of stress is the appearance of tinnitus, among others. In this article we will talk about the causes [...]

4 habits for a healthy life


How to lead a healthy life is a question that many of us ask ourselves regularly. In this article we will give you four small tips that can help you lead a healthy life, all within your reach. 4 habits to lead a healthy life According to a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Institute, which covered [...]

DO NOT turn a deaf ear to hearing problems.

CAB hearing problems

When hearing problems appear, early detection of any deterioration of our hearing abilities is important since, in the adaptation of hearing aids, a key part is the deterioration of the cognitive abilities of our brain, since it is connected to all our senses and hearing is related to the area of the brain, which is the area of the brain that [...]