4 habits for a healthy life


How to lead a healthy life is a question that many of us ask ourselves regularly. In this article we will give you four small tips that can help you lead a healthy life, all within your reach.

4 habits for a healthy life

According to a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins InstituteThe study, which covered 6,200 men and women for more than eight years, found that those who followed healthy lifestyle habits reduced the probability of suffering from problems derived from overweight and sedentary life.

Do not smoke

Although the best plan for living a healthy lifestyle and feeling better is to adopt each of these four habits at the same time, if you had to choose just one of them, according to the researchers, it would be this one.

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Smoking seriously harms your health

Smoking not only affects the coronary arteries and the lungs, smokers also have higher rates of cancer and risk of heart attack. Smoking affects many organ systems, weakening the body and exposing it to all kinds of diseases.

In addition to cancer, cigarette smoking causes serious lung diseases, of which around 90 percent of deaths due to pulmonary obstruction are due to this harmful habit.

Smoking is very harmful to the people around you.The symptoms of asthma in those around you will be significantly aggravated.

Watch your weight

The healthiest individuals in this study maintained an adequate body mass index.

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Body Mass Index (BMI) is a ratio of height to weight.

The BMI o body mass index is a height-to-weight ratio that measures body mass and is measured according to the following values:

  • BMI less than 18.5 is LOW WEIGHT
  • BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 IDEAL VALUES
  • BMI between 25.0 and 29.9 OVERWEIGHT
  • BMI at 30.0 or above OBESITY

To find out what your BMI is, you can go to your family doctor or a nutritionist who will surely be able to provide you with a nutrition guide suited to your lifestyle, as well as a short exercise routine or some simple healthy living guidelines.

Get up and move

Attempts to perform at least 30 minutes of sports activity daily every day of the week Weekends alone are not enough! If it's easier for you, try breaking the activity into blocks of 10 minutes each, for example, 10 minutes of walking in the morning, 10 more minutes of walking after lunch and 10 minutes after dinner.

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Practice at least 30 minutes of sports activity daily

All exercises should be appropriate to different factors such as the individual's ability, age and previous problems or injuries and, if possible and over time, increase the level of demand of the exercises.

There is always a maxim that we must comply with and that is that we can all exercise at our own level. Very soon you will be able to see how a little dedication will get you rewarding results in a very short time.

For our elders, a very healthy activity is the simple action of walking. A good walk works our cardiovascular system and also allows us to "burn" some calories.

Choose healthy food

This study found that the healthiest people in this group followed a Mediterranean-style diet. A varied diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts containing healthy oils, more fish (and less red meat), whole grain carbohydrates and virgin olive oil for cooking.

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Mediterranean diet, the one most recommended by specialists

It is equally important to consider calories in our diet.  Calorie intake should always be appropriate to our lifestyle. In this case, it is always advisable to have a professional nutritionist who can give us some guidelines to follow. healthy and adequate food.

Undoubtedly, diet should be half of our effort together with exercise if we want to achieve the goal of maintaining an adequate weight. All these small tips are of basic application in order to lead a healthy life.

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